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Artists, Which Ready-Made Canvas Do You Use?


My favorite canvas company, Signature Canvas, is going out of business.  I've used their canvases for a couple of years and really like them.  They are a bit expensive, but so well made and I really loved painting on them. 

I've stretched my own canvases in the past, but I'm no longer interested in doing that - mainly because of lack of time and space.  So, I would love some feedback from other painters as to what brand of canvas you all use.  

I'm interested in gallery-wrapped canvas because I like to paint the edges.  I do happen to like Artisan's Professional Stretched Canvas, which I can buy right here in Albuquerque.  However, I would still like to know about other brands and what your opinions are of them.

Thanks for the feedback!

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5 Responses to Artists, Which Ready-Made Canvas Do You Use?

Hi Gayle,
I did not realize Signature Canvas was going out of business. I use both, my own hand stretched and ready mades. I really like Blick Premier Gallery wraps, they are hand splined, instead of stapled, which is such a nice clean look and are very tight. The prices are very good. the larger sizes are available in packs of 3.
I have also used the Artist's Loft Professional grade gallery wrap canvas from Michaels. I needed some canvases quickly, and did not want to wait for shipping, and I was pleasantly surprised, especially when I happened to hit the BOGO free.Those prices worked out very well.
I can also say the stretcher strips that Dick Blick sells are great quality. I stretch my own canvas giclee prints, which I ultra enhance with acrylic handpainting. I had purchased some strips from Jerry's and several are warped, one didn't have a notch cut. Quite frustrating when I was trying to complete client orders.So stay away from them.
Hope that helps.
Marishka (Marie)

I forgot to ask, do you use large size canvases at all, like 4'x6'? If you do, let me know and I can give you some info on something new.

Thank you for the info! I don't usually paint very large, usually around 24x30 at the largest. Once in a while, I'll paint a 30x40.

Just a follow up to my post - another artist told me about Sunbelt Mfg. at I ordered several canvases from them and they are great! Sturdy, well-made and very affordable. I ordered the Gallery Wrap Canvas because they are back-stapled. You can't order online, you have to call in the order. Customer service was very friendly and professional. I'll definitely be ordering from them again.

That's very good to know Gayle, and thanks for sharing that information.

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